Ivan de Pablo Bosch (Barcelona, ​​1973)


Multidisciplinary designer with experience in industrial, graphic, editorial, furniture and web design. I studied in Barcelona, ​​Brussels and Berlin.


My professional career began in Barcelona focused on industrial design. Working on the presentations of these projects opened the way for me to graphic and web design.


I have worked with multiple languages ​​for web design, such as action script, html, php, css and java script. In recent years I have mostly used cms platforms.


I have extensive experience as a graphic designer, with a degree of specialization in layout for publishing projects. Layout, illustration and designing new publications are the most important tasks.


Creativity motivates my professional work, which has led me to explore more tangible areas such as the production of furniture, and  even making Microbrew beer.


I love both live and dead languages, both as aesthetic codes and the stories behind them.


Currently residing in Oxford (United Kingdom)